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Verses In Motion Guest: Vintaj Tunes

New Verses In Motion interview with Vintaj Tunes. Host Laura LME talks to Dj Wis and Dj Rip ( Founders of Vintaj Tunes ) about their career as Djs and producers, how they came up with Vintaj Tunes and the great remixes they do for a variety of artist plus more. Following the interview enjoy three remixes done by Vintaj Tunes including the remix of Keith Robinsons " Love Language ( The Guava Mix )

Dj Wis : Producer, Dj, executive for MixMedia/Vintaj Tunes.

Dj Rip: Producer, Dj, Influencer/Media: The Spin Firm, Vintaj Tunes, Vinyl Esquire, The Remixer.


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