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Odyssey : a long wandering: a series of adventurous journeys usually marked by many changes of fortune Music sometimes makes for strange—one might say Odd—bedfellows. We may start down a road with a firm objective in mind, only to find that with experience and time, the goal has changed. Paths cross, new stars enter our orbit, influencing us in ways both overt and subconscious. Sometimes change becomes its own goal. So it is with The Oddysy, a potent amalgamation of jazz, hip hop, and neo soul, with a sound eclipsing the sum of its parts.

Odyssey : an extensive intellectual or spiritual wandering or quest

Kevin “KJ” Jacoby began his journey in New York, studying jazz with world-renowned bassists Gerald Veasley and Lincoln Goines, before beginning a career in NYC as a sideman. He soon fell in with some of the best up and coming musicians in the city, including Keith Carlock (John Mayer, Steely Dan), Tom Guarna (Chick Corea), and Zach Danziger (Randy Brecker). DJ Johnny “Juice” Rosado witnessed the birth of hip-hop firsthand in the Bronx. He listened, he learned, and then he put his skills to the test as a member of Public Enemy, touring the world with the likes of Chuck D and Flavor Flav. The indelible mark left by his world-class musicianship earned him a place in both hip-hop history and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Fast forward and KJ has wandered a bit from jazz, touring the world with pop darlings Cecilia, a wild ride that would eventually bring him full circle—back in New York and working on an album of his own with legendary audio engineer Scott Hull (Jay Z, Sting, Dave Matthews). Juice, ready for a change from life on the road, has turned his eye to collaboration with the same legendary artists he’d spun in clubs as an up-and-coming DJ: Beastie Boys, Slick Rick, Leaders of the New School, KRS-One, DMC. The list goes on—it’ll never stop. Juice doesn’t stop. As work on the album continues, KJ realizes what he needs to bring it to life. The result is the collab single “Incantation.” A fifteen-song album is set to drop in 2019 followed by an international tour. The Oddysy : KJ + DJ Johnny Juice, an electro-organic fusion where layered harmonies coalesce over waves of synth-augmented bass, punctuated by effortlessly intricate turntable flourishes. A vibrant framework; a funky foundation ready to be stretched and spun beyond studio boundaries by a pantheon of power players. A journey you only take when you trust your guides.

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