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Good Life - Cassandra the Goddess MC

Cassandra the Goddess MC is a rising artist, holding true to the New York essence. As a native to Hempstead and L.I., aliased Lil Dun, Cassandra was steeped in raw production and real lyrics; pushing a young Goddess to freestyle and rap at a tender age. With a love for hip-hop and writing she moved to Michigan as a teen, giving access to Detroit music. She then continued school at Michigan State receiving a degree in English. Finding way back home to NYC through teaching, attended LIU in Brooklyn receiving a Masters in Education. Cassandra has taught in multiple high schools in New York and is passionate about her city’s youth. As a child cut from the cultures’ cloth, Cassandra was always in cyphers, sharpening her literary/emcee swords. Recognized and saluted by many Detroit and New York legends she released The 8 Mixtape: Destroy and Rebuild introducing the Goddess’ bars with support from 354/DBlock. Her debut album Girl By Door, LP out now in all digital-stores, is a portal into her life, artistic vision and testament to her skill level and ability to curate a project independently. However she has worked with, learned from and been able to build with legends such as Styles P, A.G. of DITC, Roxanne Shant e/JUICE Crew, Psycho Les of Beatnuts, Baatin (Slum VIllage), DJ BoogieBlind (X-Cutioners), Mobb Deep, Bonz Malone, ATCQ and LOX/D-Block. The journey and connections continue beyond coincidence for a woman with a story to tell. Earning the name Goddess proving amongst gods of the game, through talent, knowledge and a namesake linked to mythology, hip-hop’s daughter doing it for NY. Get familiar! Goddess MC taking the mic. Bio from her website:

Cassandra the Goddess Emcee is definitely one to pay attention to! She embodies what Hip Hop is all about from the music to the style and knowledge. Follow her on Instagram and Youtube

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