Night City


  • Poet / Author / Podcast Host:

    Laura LME

    Verses In Motion

    "Always in motion" 

    "Chaotic Structure" New Poetry and Photography book coming soon by Laura LME. Also listen to her VIM podcast with great guest and VIM Dj Mixes.

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  • Producer / Artist / Engineer:

    Ruler Divine


    Interviews & music on

    See interviews from established and up and coming artist. Ruler Divine also plays new music for the world to know.

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  • Music Journalist Clarence Fanning

    Sin-Seer's World

    Independent music journalist Clarence Fanning was born and raised in Anderson, In. His earliest memories of Hip-Hop started in the 80’s when his oldest sister would bring home 12″records  of Hip-Hop artists such as U.T.F.O, Fat Boys,The Real Roxanne, as well as many others...

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  • UHHM

    Universal Hip Hop Museum

    The Universal Hip Hop Museum in the Bronx celebrates and preserves the history of local and global hip-hop music and culture to inspire, empower, and promote understanding.

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